A Vietnamese woodcarver working in Trung Ha Hamlet

A Vietnamese woodcarver working in Trung Ha Hamlet, Hoi An

‘The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there’ (L P Hartley).   I’m a social historian, genealogist, full time writer of books and articles and a snoop into the past.   Here you can glimpse into the past via today –  differences and similarities between our world and and yesterday.

I specialise in media issues, trade and crafts, women’s history (my new book, Tracing your Female Ancestors, will be published April or May this year by Pen and Sword) and also deliver lectures on these subjects – lectures I hope are interesting, informative and fun.

Please explore the website to discover how modern life reflects ancient trade and craft practices  as well as how you can purchase my books or book me for a lecture.

Adèle Emm