adele-child-001-640x465Like all writers, I’ve had an eclectic career.  I’ve been a canteen assistant in a radio factory – not good. I lasted five days before I walked out; the girl before me left after three so I must be ‘hard’.  I was a temporary shop assistant behind the chocolate counter in a famous department store.  You could eat as many chocolates as you liked but couldn’t spit caramel over customers.  It was to put you off chocolate. Me? I acquired a taste for the posh stuff.  I’ve been a bar maid, the lady with the choc ices at a West End theatre, a typist in banks, solicitors’ firms (I got fired for telling them how to improve the typing pool), human resources and a secretary in a news agency.  This got me into the BBC as lowest of the low – an assistant film editor.  As film is dead (long live film), I’ve seen the machines I used in museums… but  it was a great job.

I worked on this production but please note, the spelling mistake is  NOT mine!

I moved into television production and worked in three more TV stations from researcher to producer on a variety of programmes including Stars in their Eyes with the late and much lamented Lesley Crowther.  After my daughter was born, I taught media production; the hours were more conducive for family life.   To learn how to research for television, radio and journalism click here.

I now write full time specialising in  media, social history and genealogy. So far, I’ve published five books and am currently working on my sixth.   I write magazine  articles on social and family history and deliver lectures on similar topics including media research. Wonderful.

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