Wednesday 13 November 2019.  Stockport Central Library.   2pm. Why I’m a suffragist not a suffragette. This will cover what the difference was between suffragists (e.g. Millicent Fawcett) and the suffragettes (e.g. Emmeline Pankhurst) with a short exploration of the struggle for female enfranchisement with anecdotes about the local struggle in Stockport. Audience members will have the opportunity to ask  plus the opportunity to ask about researching your female ancestors and purchase some of my books at a discount.

Notification of 2020 events coming soon.

Sorry but you’ve missed;

Saturday 21st September 2019.  6th Peak District Family History Conference, University of the 3rd Age, Palace Hotel, Buxton,  Reachers, beamers, carders and throstlers? What on earth did your mill worker ancestors actually do?   FOR RESOURCES FROM THE LECTURE, PLEASE GO TO MY BLOG DATED 23 SEPTEMBER 2019

Saturday 15th June 2019.   Yorkshire Family History  Society, London Branch.  Textile workers focussing on the Yorkshire wool trades.  Contact for details

Wednesday 13th February 2019, 2pm,  Society of Genealogists.   Washday Blues; a social history of washerwomen, laundrywomen and charwomen.  Rough,  red and chapped hands at the ready, how on earth did woman manage to survive?   For a review go to

Society of Genealogists, Wednesday 11th July 2018 at 2pm;  Tracing your Cotton and Wool Mill Ancestors.   In the nineteenth century, the textile industry was the biggest employer in the UK and hundreds of thousands of people, mainly women, worked in mills spinning or weaving. Some job titles are obscure; what did a big or little piecer do? How about a tenter?  Were these good jobs? Well paid, secure?  Come along and find out…

I deliver lectures and act as a university consultant for modules for Media Research and  deliver lectures on writing and genealogy.

Past genealogical lectures have been about hatmaking, seamstress and tailors, button makers and other trades and crafts.   Please contact me for availability.

I was at the Society of Genealogists on  Saturday 11th February 2017 for an afternoon session on making money at writing.  Whoops, you have now missed it.

I was also at Who do You Think You Are Live at the NEC in Birmingham on Friday 7th April.     This was the schedule;

10.15-10.35  Writing articles about Genealogy  and

14.15   Laundress and Charwoman, Wash Day Blues