Researching for the Media

Quick quiz…

TV reporter & crew Tirana (640x367)

Piece to cam; TV reporter and crew, Tirana, Albania

  1. Do you believe what you read in the newspapers, see on television or hear on the radio?
  2. Do you know how people get chosen to take part in TV quizzes or talent shows?
  3. Are you a media production or journalism student?

If the answer to any of these is yes, you need to read my book Researching for the Media; Television, Radio and Journalism published by Routledge.  It is a set text for all media production courses at British universities.

I worked for years in television (BBC, Tyne Tees, Thames, Granada and a defunct news agency) as, amongst others, researcher and producer.  I still conduct extensive research for my books and magazine articles.

Discover how my book can help by reading it about it here.

'Roy Orbison' and me in the first series of 'Stars in Their Eyes'

‘Roy Orbison’ and me in the first series of ‘Stars in Their Eyes’