DNA for the Emm family results

Henry Petts (reputed) 1841-1918 market gardener of Milton Keynes. Henry Petts (reputed) 1841-1918, market gardener of Milton Keynes © Adèle Emm

Henry Thomas Petts (reputed) 1841-1918, market gardener of Milton Keynes.  © Adèle Emm

Well, I have  the results of the DNA test and don’t really know what to think.  My father (previous post) was haplogroup I1b and descended from the Scandinavians.  Me, it would appear, am largely  Western European and only 15% relating to the typical person native to the Great Britain region with 7% from Scandinavia.

Phew, at least I’ve got some Viking in me.

Now, according to the report, the 67% of me coming from West Europe could include Angles, Saxons Jutes (thus explaining my pale skin and hair but so could the Scandinavian element).  For reasons  too difficult for my non-scientific brain to  absorb, I, as a female, don’t get a  haplogroup, which is disappointing…

However, there was an immediate result.  An email chugged all the way from Australia from a possible 3rd cousin – which is very exciting – descended from my 3rd great grandfather’s family – you know who you are!     For you, I have added a photo  of my great x3 grandfather.