6th Emmposium – facts and statistics

Bratton, the genealogical home of many an Emm

The 6th Emmposium is taking place in Wiltshire this weekend so, anyone with the surname Emm, married to an Emm, married out of an Emm or with Emm grandparents and ancestors,  please contact me for details…

In the meantime, to whet your appetite, here are some Emmstatistics about this weekend’s event.

  • the main Emm tree consists of 580 pages.
  • It took 4 rolls of sellotape to stick together
  • It’s  roughly 46 yards long – (41 meters) consisting of
  • 4 rows of 145 A4 pages
  • Usain Bolt  would take 3.82 seconds to run the length of it
  • the London Walter Thomas Emm  tree is now 75 pages as is
  • the Betty Emm married Thomas  Emm tree

The Saturday event displays the trees – a logistical conundrum in itself plus spreadsheet of every Emm who appears in the 1939 Register unless they are still  a ‘closed record.’  I shall be giving a very short talk about the life of agricultural labourers and the reasons for families moving to different Wiltshire villages throughout the censuses and why they moved out of the area.

Sunday, is as always, a Sunday walk in Broad Chalke, Wiltshire.

So please contact me to join us.

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