Madabout History

Madabout magazine 1983. It cost £1

A hoarder? Me? Never!  That trunk in my cellar has only been there umpty um years and for umpty um years I believed it  locked and the key well and truly lost. Except today I glanced at it and realised the latch was hanging loose. …  to cut to the chase, I rummaged inside and found…

  • lots of ‘lost’ documents from when I first started researching the Emm surname.
  • all my research books for the TV programme ‘Madabout’ transmitted from Tyne Tees in Newcastle. I worked on the second series.
  • lots of other stuff including family photographs (yes please).  I need to go through  it all but the spores from the cellar are somewhat interesting so I will take my time …

However, I am sharing this rare memento from 1983.  The BFI and IMDB have very little record of this show even though one of the episodes for which I was responsible, Madabout Flying, was nominated for BAFTA.  Not that I was invited to the ceremony….

Matthew Kelly was the presenter.  Diane Campbell the producer.

If anyone out there has any memories of this series: you took part;  you worked on the crew; you were a fan of the show, I would love to hear from you!

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